These races are often challenging cars and tracks, so we recommend that you have some experience before signing up. We have different themed races on different days!  You will have the opportunity to race with all the other drivers that book in, including your friends and family!

Classic Thursdays – From a Lotus Cortina, to the height of Group C, to a 70s stock car, you can always bet we’ll have something classic on tap for Thursday’s Drop-In Race! These will be fairly challenging because old cars have poor tires, brakes, and suspension. They’re fun to toss around though!

Far Out Fridays – We break out the weird stuff on Friday! Maybe we’ll run 1968 F1 cars around an oval, or Xfinitys around Spa. You can guarantee these will be challenging and not like anything you’ve run before!

Standard Saturdays – Ok, it’s not really standard, but we’ll pull from our more standard track and car combos for these. These will feel more familliar to our regulars and be easier for everyone to jump into!

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Here’s what’s coming up!