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A multiclass league presents significant race craft challenges, while getting drivers of different experience level on track and at The Track together. On heels of a widely enjoyed season of LMP3 racing, our up-coming Mixed League season will feature the same LMP3s on our ‘Pro’ side and the new and exciting Porsche Cayman GT4 on the ‘Intermediate’ side.

Both cars present great platforms for close racing. while the venerable P3s pose the greater challenge with no driver aides, the GT4s are a tossable mid-engine GT car that allow plenty of play at the limit. This league is setup to provide a step between Rookies and Pros. These will be multi-class races, so you’re only competing with other Intermediate drivers if you’re in the Porsche, but you’re on track with, and learning from the Pros. Intermediates will all run on Standard rigs.

For the Pros, the multiclass racing add a significant element of situational awareness to things. The closing speeds between the classes is notable and create a great on-track dynamic.

Next season practice opens on 9/29 with first race on 10/12!

Cost: $250 – Amateur and Pro Racer Members get $30 off

What’s Included:

Each class is limited to 6 drivers
We’re full! Stay tuned for next season!!