Registration is closed for this season!

Summers get tricky, right? Travel plans, nice weather, kids out of school, etc. Our Summer Series aims to be the racing league that makes sense in the summer!

First of all, we’re featuring the BMW 2002. A car that is challenging, but tons of fun. Then we’re going to feature a selection of tracks that really compliment the car.

The exciting part, though, is the schedule. We want this to be a bit more flexible than our normal league. The setup will be more complicated than typical as well. So here we go:

  1. Everyone interested in the league registers for $20
  2. Registered drivers get added to a Discord channel
  3. The Discord channel will have an event listed for each of 12 potential race nights
  4. Each driver must ‘vote’ Advanced, Standard, No, or Maybe for each potential race night to indicate if you plan to attend (you can change your ‘vote’ throughout the process)
  5. When ‘voting’ ends (date TBD), we will drop the 4 race nights with the fewest drivers, leaving us with 8 race nights on the official schedule
  6. Each driver pays for the races they’ve committed to
  7. We run the season
  8. Each driver’s 5 best events will be used in the championship

There is no minimum numbers of races to attend, but there is a discount for running at least 5 races (see pricing below).

If you run more than 5 events, we’ll drop your worst results – only the 5 best count!

Each race night a driver commits to includes 30 min of practice to use at any time.

The winner of the season will receive a $100 gift card. This can be used towards another league, membership, etc.

Race nights will be Mondays starting June 13

What’s Included:

  • 1-8 race nights
  • 15 minutes of warmup and ~60 minutes of racing per race night
  • 30 minutes of practice for each race


Registration – $20

Each Race Night:

Advanced Rig: $60
Standard Rig: $45

Amateur/Pro Racing members save 10% on the cost of each race night!
Enter 5 or more races to save 15% on the cost of each race night!

Registration is closed for this season!