We can customize the format on a scale from fun and silly to highly competitive, or anywhere in between.  Whether your crew are seasoned drivers or newbies, we can cater the experience to excite everyone!  Our group discounts start at just 6 drivers, but we can help with groups of 50 or more!  For the best experience we recommend 2 hours for the first twelve drivers and 1 additional hour for every 12 drivers over that.  For groups of 35 or more please contact us for a custom schedule.



All rigs (12):  First 2 hours $500, $200 each additional hour

Standard rigs only (6):  First 2 hours $250, $100 each additional hour

Advanced rigs only (6):  First 2 hours $350, $150

Standard rigs can be used by all ages, Advanced rigs have a minimum age of 16 to use.


For more details + to book your group or party today, please contact us today!

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