Racing requires consistency and patience. Time Attacks require bravery! Take the challenge and set a fast lap for the month in one of the cars.

We feature challenging tracks in these events because you only need one fast lap. We offer a choice of cars to vary the difficulty and create space for everyone to compete.

Book a Hotlap session and come on in to draw your line in the sand!

Check out the current event standings.

To try to keep things fair for these, conditions are highly controlled. Ask one of our Pit Crew members if you have questions, but here are some things we’re doing:

  • All sessions are ‘private’ meaning you’re on track alone even when others are in the session
  • All laps are turned using the same car and livery for consistency
  • Weather is controlled and static, as is time of day
  • The track starts with some rubber, and stays static
  • Fuel and tire usage are off so every lap is the same
  • Assists and controls are defined and consistent for each car
  • Drivers can choose auto or manual transmission

Here is how the competition works:

  • You may set times in any/all of the available cars
  • You may only compete in one car
  • You may specify to a Pit Crew member what car you’d like to compete in
  • If you don’t specify, and you record laps in more than one car, you will compete in the ‘hardest’ car in which you record a lap