New to Sim Racing? Make sure you pick your rig first.

What are Standard and Advanced Rigs?

All of our rigs run the same simulation software, run in the same races, and have a height restriction of at least 60 inches.

Beyond that, the Advanced Rigs offer some distinct differences over the Standard.  Featuring a full panoramic view, courtesy of the 3 32″ monitors, and a pair of bass shakers under the seat and pedals, the Advanced Rig provides a greater level of immersion.  The Standard Rig has a single 34″ ultrawide screen, and no bass shakers.  The Standard Rig has a high quality force-feedback wheel while there is a top of the line direct drive wheel delivering greater force and fidelity in the feedback and advanced pedals which better simulate a real car in the Advanced Rig.  There is a an age restriction of 16 to book an Advanced Rig, and we recommend those very new to driving simulators to try a session in a Standard Rig first.

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